Graduates of the Novo Mesto Gymnasium Receive a Gold Medal at the High School Business Project Competition in the USA

Graduates of the Novo Mesto Gymnasium, Valentina Bojanec and Andrej Pelko, successfully participated in the competition of high school business projects – Genius Olympiad in the United States. In the Business category, they were awarded a gold medal for the idea of a Heijus functional drink based on herbs and unfiltered apple juice, without sugar, with vitamin C.

The students also took second place at the Popri national competition for young entrepreneurs, which allowed them to participate in the Genius Olympiad in the United States.

The Heijus drink is produced at the Ratajc eco-farm. The young entrepreneurs are in search of investors. They are currently limited to the Slovenian market. However, in the future, the students plan to sell their drink abroad. According to them, all current income from the sale will be allocated to the production of the next series of drinks this autumn.