Grants for Agricultural Enterprises in Slovenia

Slovenian companies specializing in the production of agricultural products and foodstuffs can seek grants. Grants can cover up to 50% of the company’s expenditures.

Objectives of Grants:

  1. construction, repair, reconstruction of objects,
  2. purchase of equipment for the production and marketing of products,
  3. purchase of equipment for efficient energy use, renewable energy sources, economical use of water, purification systems, etc. (the list of available grants (pdf, 191 KB)).

In the previous period of the program implementation, 457 enterprises in Slovenia were supported, and the total grant amount made 227.2 million euros. The largest share of funds went to the so-called micro-companies (with less than 10 employees). In total 265 of these companies received 41.6% of all funds. The majority of grants did not exceed 0.5 million euros.

The minimum amount of provided financial assistance amounts to 5,000 euros per application. During the program period of 2014–2020, farms and micro-companies can collect up to 1 million euros based on the grant program, while small, medium and large companies — up to 3 million euros.

Collect Points to Obtain Grants

The distribution of grants among companies is carried out on a competitive basis. The activities of each company are evaluated according to a special credit system. The more points a company collects, the higher the chances of getting a grant are. Last year, the main points were given for the success of the current enterprise activity.

At the same time, the jury estimates the economic efficiency of work (incomes/expenses) and the internal rate of return. The company location is also considered.

Other Factors Influencing the Process of Grant Provision:

  1. industrial purpose of a grant;
  2. the company’s participation in various forms of cooperation and contractual relations;
  3. innovations;
  4. environmental aspects (sewage treatment enterprises, reducing water consumption) and climate changes (grants for EEU (efficient energy use), RES (renewable energy sources), and use of wood in construction)).

A more detailed list and additional information are available at the tender documentation.