Grosuplje Is Proud of Alexander Čeferin: “Even a Small Region Can Have Great People As Well”

Bring the good name and honour of Slovenia and our municipality to the world by means of your personal example and positive deeds. These words were written in the formal congratulation to Alexander Čeferin by the leadership of the Grosuplje municipality, from which the new president of the UEFA originates. His fellow countrymen are trying to express in different ways their pride and joy, because their neighbour has taken a leading position in one of the world’s most influential sports organizations.

“Alexander, we are proud of you.” This inscription appeared near the main road in Grosuplje early in the morning on 15 September. “It is really a great success,” the inscription authors do not hide their joy.

“This is a great achievement not only of a regional but also of a global scale… We wished thus to show our respect to Alexander, to provide all possible support, to express congratulations and pride,” said Irena Gantar and Andrew Brezets from the Drevored Center.

Football plays an important role in the life of the Grosuplje municipality. The Slovenian Federation of Football awarded the municipality with a diploma for special achievements in the development of this kind of sport. As a big football fan, Alexander Čeferin supported his hometown Grosuplje during the construction of football grounds.

Rok Čeferin, Alexander’s brother and one of the Čeferin Law Firm founders, is also professionally connected with football. He is the Chairman of the Grosuplje Club Supervisory Board. Rok Čeferin noted the positive character traits of his brother. “He’s smart, honest, decent…but, in my opinion, his main advantage is in the absence of fear against conflicts. He always acts with strong dedication to what he considers correct despite the consequences,” Rok Čeferin said.

The fact that he was elected as a president does not surprise Alexander Čeferin because his success was previously predicted. The district chief Peter Verlič has already congratulated Alexander and invited him to visit the municipality. “He is a great partner in conversations. He says everything meaningfully, responsibly, reliably, so I was not surprised that he’d became the president of the European Football Union.”

One of the Grosuplje residents said, Even a small region can have great people as well.”

Grosuplje takes delight in his success, the same as he always rejoice at any success of his hometown.