Guest Lectures on VIP Client Servicing Are Held at the University of Ljubljana

At the end of May 2019, students of the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, visited a lecture by Master of Business Administration Silvija Jurca (SID – First Credit Insurance Company) as part of the optional subject – VIP Client Servicing (teacher: Prof. Dr Barbara Čater).

In the first part of the lecture, Silvija Jurca told about the reasons, for which her company decided to serve VIP clients, what tasks a VIP client manager performs, and what knowledge and skills are required to perform these tasks. She explained the criteria for the selection of VIP clients, as well as the criteria that distinguish the work with VIP clients from the servicing of other clients.

In the second part of the lecture, she spoke about the quality of relationships. She gave students some useful tips on interacting with VIP clients, which helps maintaining good relationships.

Within the framework of this subject, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana also hosted a lecture by Master of Business Sciences Maja Pešec (Storck Adria). The purpose of the lecture was to demonstrate the process of servicing VIP clients of a retailing company.

At first, Maja Pešec spoke about the reasons for working with VIP clients and the criteria for their selection. She explained what tasks and responsibilities the manager working with VIP clients has, what knowledge and skills are required for successful work in this position. The lecturer also demonstrated how to prepare projects for VIP clients and measure the effectiveness of their servicing. The lecture ended with a presentation of a practical example of introducing a new product into retail.