The Lonely Planet Guide Recommends Tourists to Take a Trip along the Old Bohinjska Railway

“Travelling is an exciting trip to the pearls of the Slovenian highlands,” Tom Hall, the author of the article, writes.

Ljubljana. Authors of the famous tourist guide Lonely Planet compiled a list of ten most interesting, but often underappreciated routes. The first is the railway section between Nova Gorica and Jesenice, which is described as a “real train adventure”. This railway runs along the Soča River bank and leads travellers to an ancient castle in Bled. In summer, it hosts a museum locomotive, and during the year—”wobbly regional trains of special temper.”

This guide includes railway sections from Picton to Christchurch in New Zealand, the route between the cities of Dar-Es-Salaam and Kapiri Mposhi in Tanzania (Zambia), the Havana-Hershli-Matanzas highway in Cuba, the railway route from Kandy to Badulla in Sri Lanka, from Belgrade to Bar between Serbia and Montenegro, from Dombas to Andalsnes in Norway, from Normanton to Croydon in Australia, and from Cologne to Mainz in Germany.