He Provided a Dairy Store with One Million Litres of Milk

The largest supplier of the Dairy Stores Network Mlekarne Celeia is a farmer Konechnik from Shentjazh pri Dravogradu.

Slovenj Gradec — Last year, the Carinthia Association of Farmers and Forestry Workers (Koroška kmetijsko-gozdarska zadruga) produced and sold to Mlekarna Celeia 26 million litres of milk. This is the highest index among seventeen agricultural cooperatives collaborating with the network of dairy stores in Celje.

This network of dairy stores buys out the milk produced in Slovenia only. Last year, Mlekarne Celeia received 57.7 million euros of revenues. The majority of sales — about 75% — accrues to the domestic market, and the rest part — to the foreign market. According to the director Marjan Jakob, they finished the fiscal year with positive dynamics. The network of dairy stores predicts that the market conditions specific to the last year, will be preserved for the current year as well. Therefore, they expect that due to the large stock of milk in the European market, the buyout rates for milk will continue decreasing.

In this regard, we do not see light at the end of the tunnel, even though our price — 28 cents per later — is higher than the average rate across Slovenia, and even across the EU,” Marjan Jakob said.

Strengthening Personal Trademark

The network of dairy stores plans to continue strengthening its own trademark Zelena dolina. This year, they also plan to buy a machine for filling plastic bottles and start the construction of a repository for intermediate goods. It is also planned that starting from July, Mlekarna Celeia will offer its consumers liquid yogurt in plastic bottles.

The new bottling line will fill six thousand bottles per hour,” Marjan Jakob predicts and notes that they hope for better times, because during the period of his company management, such a crisis in the dairy industry has never happened.

In general, Mlekarna Celeia purchased 97 million litters of milk from all manufacturers for the past year. While during this year, the stores network plans to exceed the threshold of 100 million litres, which will bring the Company to further growth within the range of 6 to 8%. Mlekarna Celeia purchased most of the milk from the Carinthia Association of Farmers and Forestry Workers. The second and third places belong to the Farmer Cooperative Šaleška Dolina (Kmetijska zadruga Šaleška dolina) and the Farmer Cooperative Šmarje (Kmetijska zadruga Šmarje).

Among the individual producers, the first place for the volume of milk produced belongs to Nina and Harald Konechnik from Shentjazh pri Dravogradu with 1,129,806 litres of milk. The Hedl Farm from Radlje-ob-Drava occupies the second place (652,991 litres of milk). Jozhitca and Franciszek Rotnik from Shoshtanja took the third place (545,540 litres of milk).

All milk producers, including our own, are trying to compensate for the negative effect from the reduction of purchase prices with the higher volumes of supply. This represents a serious challenge to our network of dairy stores. Within a radius of one thousand kilometres away from the store to all directions. Therefore, we are actively looking for the new markets. We have already found a new buyer in Kosovo, and soon we will have another one in Albania,” the director of Mlekarna Celeia, Marjan Jakob, stated at the meeting of the largest Mlekarna Celeia suppliers held in Carinthia.

Source: delo.si