The Head Coach of the Slovenian National Handball Team Veselin Vujović Takes Third Place in the International Handball Federation Raking

Nikola Karabatić is the world’s best handball player according to the International Handball Federation (IHF). The French has become the first ever athlete to win this prestigious award for three times. Previously, the Croat Ivano Balić, the Dane Mikkel Hansen and the Russian Talant Duishebaev twice won this award. The Romanian Cristina Neagu is recognised as the best female handball player.

The German Andreas Wolff and the Dane Mikkel Hansen take the second and third places, respectively, after Nikola Karabatić. In the women’s standings, the Norwegian Nora Mork follows Cristina Neagu. The Dutch Nycke Groot closes the top three.

The coach of the French National Team Didier Dinart became the best coach of 2016, while the Montenegrin Veselin Vujović, the coach of the Slovenian National Team, took the third place. After Veselin Vujović had joined the national team, Slovenia won the sixth place in handball in the last year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and this year it has won the bronze at the World Handball Championships in France.