Headlights of Slovenian Manufacturer to Be Installed on Audi 6 and Mercedes CX118

Odelo Slovenija (Prebold, Savinja Region) is implementing its new investment project. The company belongs to a German owner and is an important supplier in the European automotive industry.

Odelo Slovenija invests about 4 million euros in the production of a new generation of headlights. The funds will be used to purchase modern jet (multicolour) and welding machines and introduce new technologies into production. Headlights of the new generation will be installed on Audi A6 and Mercedes CX118.

Based on the results of the project implementation, in the next 5 years the company plans to receive extra 115 million euros in revenues. It is planned to open 27 new jobs, 25 of which will be at the production workshops. At the same time, energy consumption and thermal load on the environment and production areas will decrease. The Government included the project into the list of development programmes, for which targeted funding is provided.

Odelo Slovenija is a well-known manufacturer of rear lights, third brake lights and indicators for premium cars. The company’s production and logistics centres operate in Prebold and Črešnjevci employing over 1,000 people.

Source: siol.net