Higher Educational Institutions of Slovenia Enrolled More Than Ten Thousand Entrants

The higher educational institutions of Slovenia admitted 10,899 applicants during the first period of admission to bachelor’s study programmes. A total of 14,833 applicants have taken a shot at entering a university.

The largest share of the entrants accepted for studying, taking into account the number of applications, falls at the University of Ljubljana (6,892 students). It is followed by the University of Maribor (2,500 students) and the University of Primorska (921 students). The admission process will last until 14 August. In colleges and gymnasiums, the admission process will end on 22 August.

At the University of Ljubljana, the Academy of Music, Film, Radio and Television, and the Academy of Fine Arts were most popular. The number of applications filed for the study programme “Drama Theatre and Cinema” almost 12 times exceeded the number of available places. The number of applications filed for the study programme “Film and Television Arts” of the “Film and TV Directing” track 8 times exceeded the number of available places. A strong competition was also noticed at the most popular faculties of sports, medicine, health sciences, electrical engineering, chemistry, pharmaceutics, and computer science.

At the University of Maribor, the most requested areas were mechatronics, electrical engineering, mass communications, and computer science. Besides, many entrants are attracted by architecture, mechanical engineering, information security, public order, and police work. Criminal justice, health care, English language and literature, history, psychology, general medicine are also of great interest, the same as music and art pedagogy and preschool education.

In the University of Primorska, the study programmes provided by the Education Faculty are in greatest demand. There is an interest in the programmes on “Applied Kinesiology”, “Dietology” and “Public Health”. The university also notes the growing interest of foreign entrants in Mathematics (in English) and Computer Science (in English, opened in 2017). The number of applications for the Computer Science programme submitted by foreigners exceeded the licensed number of places.

The applicants, who failed to enter the desired faculty before the first submission deadline, will have to wait until 21 August. By this time, the list of remaining vacant places should be published on the websites of the admission commissions, faculties and on the official website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

The second submission period will last from 22 to 29 August. Applicants will receive the notification on enrolment no later than on 25 September.

The second submission period will be available for those applicants, who did not submit documents during the first admission period and who were not enrolled to any indicated study programme.

Those applicants, who did not enter the desired study programme before the first submission deadline, can submit their applications as well. Those, who were enrolled for a specific programme, but cancelled their admission through 18 August, will also have such a right.

This year, the third period for submission of documents is not provided.

Source: rtvslo.si