Information for Entrants: B2 – Ljubljana School of Business

B2 – Ljubljana School of Business offers nationally verified study programmes of higher education, the graduates of which receive the latest knowledge in Information and Business Sciences.

As stated on the School’s website, “The Ljubljana School of Business, thanks to its flexible working method and modern forms of distance learning, unites students, teachers, researchers and successful practitioners, regardless of local, regional or national borders. Through its activities, the Ljubljana School of Business influences the transfer of interdisciplinary applied knowledge to the local, regional, national, and international environment.”

B2 – Ljubljana School of Business trains specialists under Bachelor’s degree programmes in Business Informatics and Market Communication and Public Relations, as well as under Master’s degree programmes in Management and Informatics. Students have the possibility of distance learning.

B2 graduates obtain a professional qualification of a certified specialist in Business Informatics and Market Communication, respectively.

For all questions regarding admission to these and other study programmes, please contact 2TM managers. Our experts will help you make the right choice and master an interesting profession of high demand!