Information for Entrants: Faculty of Environmental Sciences at the University of Nova Gorica

The issue of preserving the purity of the environment, which with the development of society is becoming increasingly important, pollution mitigation measures and pollution control efforts require the intrusion of highly qualified specialists with interdisciplinary knowledge. The training of such personnel based on the study programmes conducted under international standards and coordinated with similar programmes in Slovenia and around the world is carried out by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at the University of Nova Gorica.

Students, teachers, researchers and other employees of this faculty are united by a common desire for creative work, new scientific discoveries, and resolution of topical problems that new generations face in the context of the human habitation challenges. The fact that more and more young people are involved in this field of knowledge is a guarantee that the vision and way of working are chosen correctly.

The faculty implements Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in Environment. There is the possibility of distance learning. Students have the opportunity to receive a double degree in cooperation with the Ca ‘Foscari University (Venice, Italy).

Graduates of the study programme are employed with the following institutions and organizations:

  1. companies with environmentally friendly production;
  2. companies engaged in waste management and recycling;
  3. companies specializing in water supply and municipal wastewater treatment;
  4. specialized laboratories for measuring the level of air pollution and harmful emissions or conducting monitoring programmes;
  5. institutions implementing activities under the National Environmental Protection Programme;
  6. research institutes;
  7. local and central executive authorities;
  8. environmental control services;
  9. institutions and independent companies that prepare reports on environmental protection and assessment of factors affecting the environment;
  10. research institutions (upon completion of graduate programmes).

It should be reminded that the University of Nova Gorica is currently holding the second round of enrolment campaign for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

Faculty address: Glavni Trg, 8 (Lanthieri Mansion), 5271, Vipava, Slovenia

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