Innovative Product: Tourists in Prekmurje Can Ride a Hybrid Electric Carriage

In the near future, guests of Prekmurje will be able to ride a hybrid electric carriage created thanks to the joint Slovenian-Austrian E-Carraige 4CBST Project as part of the Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria cooperation programme. The innovation will provide horses with easy pulling, and passengers will have longer and more comfortable rides.

The E-Carraige 4CBST project aims to promote the eco-friendly cross-border sustainable tourism and the development of innovative tourism products. At the same time, it popularises the regional cultural traditions – horse riding and carriage riding.

As part of the project, three similar carriages will be created. The rights to one of them belong to the Dvorec Rakičan Training and Research Centre, and the remaining two will be developed by the Austrian partners of the project. In total, five partners participate in the cross-border cooperation project – the Dvorec Rakičan Training and Research Centre (project manager), the University of Maribor and the Austrian organizations Europäisches Zentrum für Erneuerbare Energie Güssing, the EC Energie Centre Lipizzanerheimat and Tourismusverband Region Oberwart.

It should be added that the specified project is designed for 30 months. The project budget is 1.1 million euros, 980 thousand euros of which were provided by the European Regional Development Fund.