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Mateja Jerovšek received the title of master in ice cream production and changed her law office into an ice cream shop.

When Mateja Jerovšek changed her law practice into a small workshop and an ice cream shop, her family first was far from being enthusiastic. However, Mateja Jerovšek believed in her idea. In 2010, she received the title of master in ice cream production (maestra gelatiere, sladoledna mojstrica) in the famous Bolognese School Carpigiani Gelato University.

“It all started when I was injured during a competition. During the rehabilitation period, I searched the Internet and found a course at the School of Ice Cream Masters in Bologna and entered it the same year,” the expert in sweet says. “At the international courses for producing ice cream, I met people from all over the world. There were Europeans, Australians, Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Canadians and South Americans, etc. At the end of the courses, I already knew that I wanted to open a workshop and an ice cream shop. First I was afraid, but at the same time, I believe that I would succeed, because my passion was very strong,” the master explains. Her trips to all corners of the world, of course, are always associated with visiting foreign gelaterii (ice cream shops). “It often happens that my friends come to me for advice on where it is better to go for an ice cream. Now I am discovering new shops and cafes with great pleasure, I search for new gelaterii, taste local ice cream, and this way always learn something new or find an interesting idea.”

Майстриня морозива

The master of ice cream is bold in creating flavours. One of her creations is a chocolate ice cream with bacon.

Anything can happen in the ice cream shop at the Ljubljana Dvornem trgu, 1. “I invent and prepare recipes on these modest 33 square meters. This is where we cut fruit, pasteurize milk, melt chocolate, make ice cream, which is served directly from the machine, so to speak “piping hot”, and offer our customers,” Mateja says to a journalist from Delo in Gelaterii Romantika. “In September, the ice cream shop will turn two years. I am never tired of coming to gelateria. I really enjoy my work. A visitor could hardly wish anything better! Everything meets the sanitary standards, but we do not have a classic kitchen. There is always a flavour of chocolate, fruit, spices and seasonings in my shop,” Mateja says while working with the legendary ice cream machine and getting ready to pour a mixture for strawberry sorbet into it.

“My menu always features gelato with poppy seeds, walnut or tarragon pie flavours, “Mateja Jerovšek explains. She enjoys adding local Slovenian food flavours to her recipes: “I like to supplement fruit sorbet with herbs and vegetables. To combine flavours, I “play” with rosemary, sage, mint, arugula, cucumbers, red beets, and sometimes with pepper, chilli and tobacco. Ice cream with Prekmurje pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds is no longer exclusive in Romantiki, the same as a sorbet of Slovenian draft beer. These days, gelato with lavender is offered as an exclusivity because lavender has finally given its first harvest.” Mateja ensures that she always uses only the finest ingredients for her sweet masterpieces.