International Cinema Festival DOKUDOC Is Held in Maribor

It will last until 10 September. In the Sodni stolp cinema, the guests of the festival will see almost 40 documentaries, 5 of which are foreign. Within the framework of the festival, the director Karpo Godina will receive a notable sign of Dokumentarno Ime 2017. Besides, the author’s selection of short films will be shown.

As the head of the festival Maja Malus Aždari says, she has chosen creative formats of the documentary genre especially for this event. They will include the previously not shown films. The official premiere of 10 movies will take place at the Festival of Slovenian Films (Slovene: Festival slovenskega filma).

On Saturday at 3:00 p.m., DOKU-talks will be held, devoted to important aspects of the development of Slovenian documentary. The main emphasis is laid on the importance of documentaries during wars and military conflicts.