International Design Festival Is Held in Ljubljana

The 15. Mesec Oblikovanja Festival was opened at the Mesto Oblikovanja Slovenija Centre on 123, Dunajska Street on 17 October. The festival, the slogan of which is the word “Progress”, will last until 17 November. It is a meeting place for international experts and designers who will share their knowledge and experience at exhibitions, lectures, round tables and other events.

During the opening ceremony, the awards were given to designers who touched the hearts of the jury. An award in the Timeless Slovenian Design category was presented to Miša Jelnikar for the handmade jewellery. The jury awarded the Gigodesign Bureau for its skis I.bex 84 Tactix in the Design 2017 category.

A special award was given to the Gorenje Company for the continuous introduction of high-quality designs in the field of household appliances production. The Interior of the Year award in the Interior of Public Premises category went to the authors of the repair project for the central branch of Banka.

The Interior of the Year award in the Interior of Private Premises category was presented to the ‘Proti Soncu’ project (‘To the Sun’), which is the design of an attic in a residential building. According to the jury, the design “bribes” with the clarity and purity of its concept. The jury selected one more finalist in the same category—the ‘Ko stara garaža postane udoben dom’ project (‘When an Old Garage Becomes a Cosy House’) by the Celovito team.

The organizers—Zavod Big—tried to combine creative industries with the economy. According to the representatives, two dynamically developing industries, woodworking and tourism, steal the limelight. Within the framework of the Mesec Oblikovanja Festival, the festivals Lesena Ikona 2017 (Wooden Icon 2017) and Kreativni Turizem 2017 (Creative Tourism 2017) will also take place.