Invention of Slovenian Scientists: Mini ECG that Monitors Heart Function

The Jozef Stefan Institute has developed a miniature personal electrocardiograph (Mini ECG). The device is simply and conveniently attached to the body, and the measurement results are stored in a mobile application. Any time, it is possible to send a medical report to your doctor, who can quickly diagnose a dangerous heart malfunction.

The device is simple to use and requires no configuration, wiring or sockets. Time of non-stop operation: 7 days.

SAVVY EKG is a lightweight device of about 10 cm in size, which is attached to the body using standard ECG adhesive electrodes. This device is an excellent assistant for chronic patients, athletes, elderly people and all those who want to control their own health.

A certified marketable product, SAVVY EKG, is already available in Italy, Austria and Germany, and soon will be available in other EU countries.