Invitation to the National Competitions in Robotics — ROBOT 2016, ROBOBUM 2016 and ROBOCUPJUNIOR 2016

The Institute of Robotics will hold the traditional (already the 17th in a row) national competition in robotics.

There will be held the final national competitions for students and pupils — RoboT 2016, a series of contests for the basic school pupils — ROBObum 2016, and the competition for the secondary school pupils — ROBOcupJunior (the competitions leaflet).

The competitions are aimed at promoting technology and encouraging creativity and spirit of tournament in the young generation of different age groups. About 20 teams from the secondary technical schools and several student will participate in the RoboT category (a race on a large maze). Then, 41 team and 20 basic schools will take part in the ROBOsled competition (following the path).

Most of the participants registered for the RoboCupJunior Reševanje Črta category (23 and 31 from basic and secondary schools, respectively). There are also teams from Croatia, Austria and Slovakia among them. Besides, 7 teams will participate in the RoboCupJunior Nastop contest. The RoboCupJunior Nogomet category is one of the most attractive competitions, in which 5 teams will participate this year.

This year, the RoboCupJunior Reševanje CoSpace competition will be held for the first time, involving 4 teams. Overall, it is expected that the event will be attended by about 300 children and more than 60 leaders and accompanying persons (invitation, presentation and the event program).