Invitation to the Workshop: “Education in Slovenia – Do Right!”

The calendar year is nearing completion, which means that the 2019 applicants have the time to think about their future path after graduation. If you do not exclude yourself from getting an education abroad, then you are welcome to our workshop! The universities of Slovenia will begin accepting applications for the first admission round of the 2019/2020 academic year already in February!

Why Slovenia? – you may ask – because there are many countries in Europe where you can receive a decent education. Representatives of the 2TM Company will give you a convincing answer to this question during our free seminar “Education in Slovenia – Do Right!” on 4 December at 6:00 p.m. The Head of the 2TM office in Saint Petersburg, Ksenia Balashova, will tell the event participants in detail about Slovenia, the things it is famous for studies, the way ordinary people live and work in this country, and the reasons, for which the majority of parents with an easy heart let their children move to Slovenia for studies. The seminar guests will learn how, without entrance examinations (!), to become a student of a reputable educational institution in the very centre of Europe and receive an education that in the future will provide the graduate with well-being and professional realization.

We are waiting for you at the seminar and we guarantee that the information obtained will not be superfluous for the professional self-determination of any applicant!

Seminar venue: Library Communication Centre “Sovremennik, 32, Zanevsky Prospect, Saint Petersburg

To register for the seminar, call us at 8 (812) 243-12-55 or send a request via our website.