It Is Necessary to Enhance the Reputation of Engineering and Technical Specialists: Academic Pint of View

“Lack of engineering and technical specialists is a positive factor for our students and graduates, because they are currently facing a wide choice of employers and professions. However, it is disappointing that young people rarely choose technical professions, because they already have a guaranteed job in the course of study. The problem is really sharp, because a deficit in this category of specialists is felt in the more developed EU countries. They often resolve this problem with the help of our graduates,” the representatives of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FE) of the University of Ljubljana note.

“Despite this, the starting salaries of engineers leave much to be desired. However, later they may face good career opportunities. Right during the employment period, a young engineer can enter into the structure of owners of young technology companies,” the representatives of the Faculty of Economics note and add that the technology companies progressively understand the value of such specialists. At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics (FERI), the University of Maribor, they agree that there is a certain interest in these professions, but due to the higher salaries, the majority of students are looking for job abroad, mainly in Austria.

Targeted Scholarships Enhance the Occupational Prestige

To promote engineering and technical professions, the Government should put more effort, as noted by representatives of engineering faculties in their interview with the Delo journalists. At the Faculty of Engineering (FS) of the University of Ljubljana, the number of applicants per one place has reduced recently. “We do our best to attract capable and motivated freshmen, to improve the curriculum and increase the number of successfully completed theses.” In collaboration with employing companies, they seek to enhance the reputation of engineering and technical specialists.

Companies can encourage young people to study at these programs by means of targeted scholarships, as noted at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. Then companies should provide young professionals with new positions and competitive salaries. At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics, the University of Maribor, they emphasize that young people need to demonstrate the practical value of the profession and to prove that the engineering and technical personnel has a future. The staff of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the University of Ljubljana agree with their colleagues, “Young people should be more interested in engineering professions. These occupations are changing rapidly with the development of modern technologies. Young engineers are facing tremendous opportunities for new business ideas related to advanced technological developments.”

Technical specialization are difficult to learn, but much depends on the student’s motivation. “We are interested in the technology and understanding of its operating principle in the light of new ideas and technological developments. Thus, the work of an electronics engineer can be compared with learning through play throughout the life,” representatives of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the University of Maribor, note.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics, the University of Ljubljana, shares the same point of view. “Good ICT specialist will find an opportunity to work in any field and will have decent wages and working conditions. However, the good employment opportunities should not be the only criterion for choosing a study program. The field of ICT requires an analytical mind, understanding of mathematical concepts and constant solving of new challenges. Profession of an electronics engineer requires long hours of hard work, independently or in a team with other professionals.”