It Is Useful to Include your Social Networks Experience into a CV

Young people know how to market their services in social networks, which is of great importance in the preparation of a CV, which will distinguish its author out of the crowd.

A Bachelor of Mass Communications, Barbara Kotlushek, was the first who announced herself in an original and public way while searching for a job in Slovenia.

In 2011, when applying for a job, she refused a standard resume and sent an ice crusher to her employers as an application with a short letter stating, “Let me cut through the ice!” Other employers received a cup of coffee with an invitation for another cup of coffee. Barbara replaced a classic CV with her website, in which she posted a call—”I will loan an employer”. What about responses? She received eight job offers.

“I believe that this project was my springboard. If at that time I had not stood out from the crowd, I would have been probably searching for my chance much longer. Thus, I took matters into my own hands and found the projects and jobs that advanced me,” Barbara Kotlushek shares her experience. For five years, she has changed two jobs within her specialization. From the very beginning she was expecting for not just the activities that would help her pay the bills, but also meet a life partner, with whom she would develop in personal and professional terms. “The project has opened many doors for me,” Barbara Kotlushek recalls her experience. Now she works as a web-editor at the Radio 1.