Ivo Boscarol Has Introduced Slovenia into the Aircraft Manufacturing Elite with his New Certificate

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified a Virus aircraft by the Pipistrel Company. Through the first such certification in the history of Slovenia, the Aircraft Manufacturing Company from Ajdovščina will be able to double the volume of its sales in the coming years.

 For the first time in history, a Slovenian aircraft has been certified in most countries recognizing European certificates. “For us it means that we have finally evolved from a manufacturer of ultralight aircrafts (we have always been famous for this type of products) into a manufacturer of serious aircraft engineering, i. e. of general aviation. Now we can start producing aircrafts alike the Virus model, including for the commercial use as well,” Ivo Boscarol, the director of the Pipistrel Company, said.

 A market that involves at least 150 states was opened specifically for the production of the Company’s commercial aircrafts.

 According to Ivo Boscarol, now they will also be able to train civil aviation pilots. Besides, given that the certificate is valid in all countries having a bilateral agreement with the EASA, the Company will soon freely enter the market of 150 countries with a Virus without the need to obtain certificate in each particular country. “For the Pipistrel Company and 200 families of subcontractors and other people related to Pipistrel in Slovenia, it means a guarantee of even more stable work for the following several decades. In subsequent years, we will manage to double our sales of the Pipistrel aircrafts,” Ivo Boscarol emphasized the importance of the certificate obtained.

Watch the video with a Virus model that was also awarded by the NASA

This year, at least 20 such planes will be delivered to the customers.

The Company has already started implementing agreements with potential buyers. At the yesterday’s exhibition, Melanie Dermelius, a buyer of the fourth out of 20 aircrafts that the Company will supply to its customers in the current year, also visited the Company’s stand. Boscarol hopes that this figure will still increase.

“Our main objective for the nearest future is to become a large manufacturer of multi-seaters, and not just of four-seaters that we are currently manufacturing,” Ivo Boscarol said.

Last week, the Pipistrel Company was also tested by China.

Five inspectors from the Chinese Civil Aviation Agency visited the Company and performed an “evaluation”. That was a test for compliance of all data with the certificates required for doing sales in China. Finally, they had no remarks.

Next week, a Chinese delegation headed by the Minister of Transport and Director of the Chinese Civil Aviation Agency, Feng Chzheng Lin will also visit Ajdovščina. He will pass to the Pipistrel Company the certificates for selling aircrafts in the Chinese market.

Slovenia among the aviation industry elite

For Slovenia, this fact means that its aviation industry has become a part of the aircraft manufacturing elite. According to Ivo Boscarola, our country belongs to the manufacturers of aviation products, which in the Europe can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

“This is also a significant step for the Company since our first and foremost task was to reorganize the company and obtain a certificate for designing such aircrafts,” Ivo Boscarol adds.

The difficulty of obtaining an aircraft design certificate prevents copying an aircraft model

The Company acquired the above-mentioned certificate for designing aircrafts last year. In order to achieve this goal, it had to prepare 17 thousand documents at least five pages each. Besides, it was also necessary to perform a four-year long testing on ground and in air. The certification cost was around 2.5 million euros as explained Ivo Boscarol.

“What is good about this certificate? If one day you will manage to get it, it will be valid for years. It is a great investment in the future. The difficulty of obtaining this certificate also means that it is impossible to copy a similar aircraft model. Neither Chinese nor anyone else will be able to sell it, since it can only be sold with a certificate,” Ivo Boscarol gave a proactive response to the question about a possibility of copying.

The Pipistrel Company occupies an important place at the exhibition in Germany

At the exhibition, Pipistrel has three show rooms. One of them is of ​​600 square meters in area. Here the Company presents two-seaters, including a fully electronic training plane.

Panthera — an aircraft of the future

At the open-air exhibition, the Company also presents a Panthera aircraft, which also performs demonstration flights and carries potential buyers.

On Wednesday, the Pipistrel Company received an award precisely for this aircraft model from one of the most prestigious civil aviation journals Aerokurier as for the aircraft of the future.

Сертифікат EASA отриманий Іво Босцаролом

The certificate that Ivo Boscarol received from the EASA representative will allow the Pipistrel Company to increase its growth by more than 100%.

Мелані Дермеліус

Melanie Dermelius, a buyer of the fourth out of 20 Virus aircrafts, a pilot of Airbus 380, and the owner of another ultra-light aircraft by the Pipistrel Company.

Source: http://www.siol.net