Jakov Fak Brings Slovenia the First Medal of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

Jakov Fak is the silver winner of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in biathlon (individual pursuit race). The athlete won the first Pyeongchang medal being a part of the Slovenia’s National Team. The Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Bø took the first place. Jakov Fak was only 5 seconds behind the winner. Austrian Daniel Landertinger received the bronze medal, being 14 seconds behind the Slovenian biathlonist.

30-year-old Jakov Fak was not the fastest participant at the 20-kilometre distance. However, the athlete showed an excellent result in shooting, which brought him a well-deserved award. This silver medal is his first 2018 Olympic medal as part of the Slovenia’s national team and the second medal in his career (he previously won a bronze medal in the Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver participating under the flag of Croatia).

It is worth noting that Jakov Fak takes the current third place in the overall standings of the World Cup in Biathlon. The winner of the race, Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Bø, notes that it is very difficult to defeat the Slovenia athlete when he is in a good physical shape.

Sources: rtvslo.si, life.ru