Jamnik Village Is One of the Most Beautiful Places in Slovenia

If you find yourself on the hillside above the village of Jamnik and see an amazing panorama of the Julian Alps, it will be unlikely to believe that the height of the mountain is only 831 meters above the sea level. In the local church, they say that this place is the most photogenic and beautiful in Slovenia.

The panorama view from Golica, northeast to the Karawanks mountain range, to the Krvavec ski resort in the Kamnik–Savinja Alps is truly breathtaking. On the mountainside above the village of Jamnik, it seems that you can easily touch all of these mountaintops, some of which are over 2,000 meters high above the sea level. You can easily reach this ideal observation post, which overlooks a wonderful view of the numerous villages of Upper Carniola (Gorenjska in Slovenian) — from Vrba in the west to Tržič in the north and Naklo in the east.


From Outpost against Turkish Attacks to Tourist Paradise

On the hillside, there is the Church of Saints Primus and Felician, which is often called the most photogenic church in Slovenia. It was first mentioned in the Freising Land Register in 1501, and its Gothic ribbed presbytery still keeps the frescoes of the XV century. From this place, in the era of the Ottoman invasion, the lighted fires warned villages far away around about the impending danger. Today many tourists visit this church to have a nice walk in the surrounding areas. That is not surprising, because this is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.

A comfortable four-kilometre road runs from the village of Kropa to Jamnik, the upper part of which is closed for traffic. This restriction applies to all but local landowners. Jamnik can also be reached from the Ljubljana and Kranj directions along the road through the Besnica settlement. Just about 20 kilometres separate Kranj from Jamnik.


Photographers Are Excited about the Church in Jamnik

The bell was installed 250 years after the church foundation. At the same time, the building itself was also reconstructed. It is important to mention that the crossroad was also built at that time. It gained its current appearance more than half a century ago. In 1946, a sign made by mason Alojz Vurnik was put near the church. This construction became the first monument to the perished local dwellers and victims of the fascist terror in Slovenia.

The village of Jamnik is a favourite place for cyclists. The bravest of them come here from Kranj, and then ride through the village of Dražgoše to small towns of Železniki and Škofja Loka, or through a mountain pass at the Jelovica plateau along the gravel roads to the Bohinj Basin.


Photographers are just thrilled with Jamnik and the Church of Saints Primus and Felician. The locals believe that travellers most often photograph exactly this church. When you visit this open and easily accessible area, you will quickly make sure that this is certainly so.

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