Jan Oblak Is the Best Goalkeeper for the 113-Year History of the Atletico Club

“Brutal” — such was the conclusion of a Catalan sports weekly journalist.

Madrid. Although the European football season has not yet been completed (in fact, the UEFA Champions League Finals is coming), the Spanish mass media already report about the historic achievement made by Jan Oblak. From a statistical point of view, the Slovenian goalkeeper has already become the most successful goalkeeper in the 113-year history of the Atletico Madrid Club.

The journalist from the Mundo Deportiva daily sports newspaper relies on statistics that says that Jan Oblak having 0.61 goals per match and 43 goals in 71 matches played for Atletico is far ahead of his main rival and counterpart Thibaut Courtois, whom he actually replaced in the net. The Belgian’s index is 0.82 goals per game (126 goals in 154 matches). He is followed by Rodri (170/143 — 0.84), Madinabeytia (236/221 – 0.94), Leo Franco (181/173 – 0.96), Abel Resino (303/299 – 0.99), Mejias (164/165 – 1.01), Reina (213/226 – 1.06), Molina (248/325 – 1.31), Pazos (174/257 – 1.48), and Tabales (92/140 – 1.52).

The results achieved by Jan Oblak during the season 2015/2016 are even more convincing. At his home stadium Vincente Calderon, he spent 20 “clean sheets” out of 28 matches, and this is the 70% rate of efficiency. In total, he managed to hold 32 “clean sheets” out of 49 matches. He missed goals in 25 out of 50 matches of the season. That is, each second game.

“Brutal” — such was the conclusion of the Catalan sports weekly journalist.


Source: slovenskenovice.si