Jobs in Slovenia: 30 Large Companies-Employers in the Slovenian Labour Market in 2017

It becomes easier to find job in Slovenia. Large employers are in need of specialists in different areas, but experts note that managements of companies are interested in employees with good potential and big ambitions.

CompanyPlanned EmploymentRequired Personnel or Field of Activity
Krka+ 3% (in Slovenia and abroad)Pharmacists, chemists, workers; marketing, sales, research and development.
Cetisat least 10 peoplePrinting house; print and working machine operators.
Luka Koperabout 50Current work (persons with secondary education).
Postojnska jama15 + 100 for seasonal workSales managers, promoters, receptionists, director of the Jama Hotel, waiters, cooks, guides.
Petrol+ 5%Sellers and various experts.
TalumyesEmployment in manufacturing; experts in mechanical engineering, metallurgy and electrical engineering.
Cinkarna Celje11Mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, electrician, welder, carpenter; chemical engineer with a complete higher education.
Lekarna LjubljanayesSpecialists with Master’s degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology.
Slovenska industrija jekla (SIJ)100Employees of technical expertise (metallurgical engineers, mechanical engineers, metallurgists, metal cutters, electricians, maintenance personnel, processing shop technicians, mechatronics operators).
Plastika Skaza33 persons or 10%Technology, automation, product management, and sales.
AkrapovičyesWelders with knowledge of TIG-welding to work in Črnomelj.
HityesPersonnel to work in the hotel business and hospitality industry.
Gorenje20 persons with technical education + workers in manufacturingEmployees with degree in engineering to work in the development departments.
Kolektoryes (above 10)Individuals with complete and incomplete higher and secondary vocational education in “Machine Engineering” or other engineering specialisations (mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers with complete higher education). Job offers are open to fill the following positions: computer vision specialist, process control engineer and developer with higher education, programmer, carpenter, technician, mechanical engineer.
Perutnina Ptuj140Workers in manufacturing and workers skilled in logistics.
Hidriayes (+ 100 in the coming years) Operating staff in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, technology; carpenters, automation specialists, programmers and planners, experts in advanced development application solutions, production specialists and manufacturing workers.
Zavarovalnica TriglavyesDomestic sales network, sales in subsidiaries.
Adriatic Slovenica+ 5%Sales and business (people with special knowledge).
Grawe zavarovalnica40Insurance Agents.
Generali zavarovalnicayesEmployment in sales.
Lidl100Employment in sales.
Spar SlovenijayesSellers, merchandizers, butchers.
HoferyesEmployment in sales.
TušyesWarehouse and retail trade (mostly butchers).
Jager+ 10%Specialists with complete and incomplete higher education and secondary vocational education.
Telekom Slovenije25Employees with special knowledge in computer science, ICT; sales and product management.
Unicredit Banka SlovenijeyesMostly young staff able to contribute to the transition of workflows to the digital analogues and to introduce innovations in favour of customers.
SKB+ 3.5%Experts in banking, information technology, digital technology, marketing, finance and sales.
Sberbank+ 4%Experts in information technology.


The Largest Employers: Krka, SIJ and Perutnina Ptuj

In 2017, the pharmaceutical company Krka (Novo Mesto) will become one of the largest employers. They plan to expand staff by 3% in Slovenia and abroad, and the total number of employees is projected to reach 11,400 people. Thus, the number of current vacancies in Slovenia will increase.


The Lidl Company Is More Interested in the New Staff than Any Other Trading Company

The representatives of Lidl Company expressed the most optimistic forecasts among traders. In 2017, they plan to hire about 100 new employees. In the coming year, another retail trader ― Hofer ― will expand its network of stores, which will require new employees for employment in Slovenia.

Experience and Education Levels are Less Important Now

“All the forecasts indicate that we are ahead of a very dynamic year full of personnel issues. On the other hand, companies become more prudent during the employment of new personnel. The time for selection to a vacant post is extended. Companies want more details about candidates. They actively participate in the “orientation days”, project objectives, and introduction to the future new team. I am glad that more and more companies (although still relatively few), when looking for new employees, pay attention to the skills and abilities—the potential possessed by applicants, and not only to the purely formal factors, such as experience, education level, place of previous work, etc.” Laura Smrekar, a partner in the Competo recruiting agency, said.

She suggests that the persons looking for employment should conduct a targeted search based on their knowledge and skills, as well as the search for forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with companies that allow them to develop their inner potential. “The networking opening many doors is of great importance. Development of one’s own brand, presence in social networks and participation in various activities can also help us in dealing with personnel issues,” Laura Smrekar emphasizes.