Knights Bravely Crossed Their Swords and Rowers Had a Race on Dragon Boats in Bled

Rich cultural weekend program in Bled. 

Brave knights, fair ladies, nobles and commoners, merchants and craftsmen again gathered behind the powerful walls of the Bled castle.

This is not surprising because the 10th anniversary Days of the Middle Ages have just passed in Bled, which were opened with the medieval camp on 30 May and ended last weekend with an interesting cultural program, creative workshops and a medieval market. More than 300 people dressed in costumes that recreate the atmosphere of the Middle Ages attended these events.

In addition to the local cohort of the Gashper Lamberger knight, 20 music and dancing bands with more than 300 participants from Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Hungary took part in celebration of the Days of the Middle Ages during the last weekend.

The guests were offered a wide range of products, culinary dishes and demonstration of handicraft products in the medieval market.

Children were able to take a ride on the medieval carousel and test their agility. They also got acquainted with the process of producing armour, learned how the knighting procedure was carried out and how to walk on stilts.


Rowing tournament 

Last weekend, Bled was filled not only with the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, but also of China, because its citizens celebrated the Chinese folk festival of dragon boats.

While the atmosphere of the Middle Ages dominated in the castle and its surroundings, a number of Chinese dragon boats were floating on the Bled lake. At that time, Veliki Zaki were celebrating the Chinese national holiday called Dragon Boat or Duanvu.

The employees of the Institute of Confucius in Ljubljana (Konfucijevega inštituta Ljubljana) organized a rowing tournament in honour of this holiday. The program, which ran from 10 to 16 hours, also included games for the youngest guests of the festival and feast of Chinese snacks.