Port Koper is the largest city in the Slovenian part of Istria. It is called the most vibrant and the brightest place at the coast of Slovenia. These qualities of the city attract tourists most of all in addition to its sights and a variety of commercial malls.

Koper is the oldest city of Slovenia. It survived the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. The city has preserved monuments since the reign of the Republic of Venice.

Along the Slovenian coastline, Koper is the only city where tourists are offered a Koper city card. Owners of this card can use public transport, get discounts at local restaurants and visit a number of attractions. However, it should be noted that bus trips might not be useful. The main attractions of Koper can be walked around on foot. The city has many original and interesting monuments from the period of the Republic of Venice. 

The Praetorian Palace is the most famous city building. This beautiful palace with winged Venetian lions on the facade is located on the central Tito Square. Opposite the palace, there is the Loggia Palace resembling the Doge’s Palace in Venice. Inside the palace, there is a modern cafe and an art gallery, beloved by tourists, with a rich collection of 15th century paintings.

The Prešeren Square is decorated with the De Ponte fountain with four splashing deities. The house of the painter Vittore Carpaccio, representative of the Venetian school, is located on the same square. Made of stone and decorated with figured windows, it is located directly behind the Column of Justina, another attraction of Koper. The oldest building in the city is the Središče Rotunda.

The neighbourhood of the city is also interesting: the Socerb Castle, the Lipica stud farm, the Škocjanski zatok, the Debeli Rtič Cape, the Postojna Cave, the Piran aquarium, the Predjama Castle, and the Žusterna Aquapark. Fans of outdoor activities like Koper for its steep cliffs, where adventurers can polish their climbing skills, and a modern water sports park, where everyone can find an attraction to his or her taste. The city has also developed ski resort activities, which is not accidental. Not far from Koper, there is located a lot of Slovenian, Italian and Austrian ski trails. There are two city beaches in Koper—the central beach and the Žusterna beach, which is located 1 km from the centre.

Moreover, Koper hosts numerous festivals of choral singing and not only. The most famous ones are:

  1. Carnival (resembles the Russian Maslenitsa) at the end of February,
  2. Sweet Istria (carnival of sweets) in the middle of September,
  3. Squid Festival at the beginning of July,
  4. The Yellow Night (dedicated to the Slovenian traditions) on the last day of July.

In Koper, there is one of the main universities in Slovenia—the University of Primorska, founded in 2003. It trains approximately 5,400 students and employs more than 700 professors and academic staff. The most popular study programmes offered by the university are humanitarian programmes, business, management, nursing and nutrition, computer science, statistics, mathematics, and tourism.

The FC Koper football team is based in Koper and was founded in 1955. It is among three clubs that managed to win the Slovenian Championship.

Source: fb.ru