Kranjska Gora Resort in Slovenia Invites for the May Holidays

Special Festive Program “Prvomajska Kekčeva Doživetja”

Kranjska Gora offers tourists excellent opportunities for recreation at any time of the year. The picturesque nature, which attracts city residents with a peaceful silence and calmness, is only a small part of what this famous ski resort has prepared for its guests for the May holidays.

A special tourist program named “Kekčeva Prvomajska Doživetja” includes a package of services for 3, 6 and 8 days with overnight stays and buffet style breakfasts and dinners.

Kranjsko Goro

Exclusive Offer for the May Holidays: Gifts from Kekec* for Children

Organisers have also taken care of the traditional lighting of festive bonfires, which will be held in the evening on 30 April on the eve of the 1st May holiday. On this day, the youngest guests of the resort, in addition to the “traditional” Kekec mascot, will receive special gifts such as colouring books, crayons and children’s favourite sweets and cookies.

The “Kekčeva Prvomajska Doživetja” program includes entertainment games for children and adults as well as an after-dinner package for adults only. Here are just a few options: visiting the Alpine Museum of Slovenia in Mojstran, the Kajžnik House in Rateče and the Liznjek House in Kranjska Gora (for a 3-day program — 1 museum as chosen, for a 6-day or an 8-day program — one excursion to each of 3 museums!); enjoying summer tobogganing Bedančeva drča and riding along the summer run Besna Pehta; visiting the Aqua Larix Park or a swimming pool of the Kompas Relax Centre with a 30% sauna discount.

In the evening, adults can experience good luck in one of the two casinos of Kranjska Gora—Casino Larix and Casino Kompas. Entrance is free.

Kranjsko Goro

Children’s Cultural and Entertainment Program

During the May holidays (27 April – 2 May), there will be a rich cultural and entertainment program for the young guests of the resort. It includes cycling and walking tours, “Olympic Games”, festive bonfires (“kresovanje” in Slovenian), workshops held by confectioners, creative children’s workshops as well as a meeting with the main hero of all festivities — Kekec the shepherd.

Entertainment for Extreme Sports Lovers

The fans of thrill can visit a winter ski jumping resort (the Planica Winter Sports Centre), which is located just a few minutes’ drive from Kranjska Gora, not far from the crystal clear headwaters of the Sava Dolinka River (Zelenci Nature Reserve).

Feast for Your Body and Delight for Your Stomach

The resort of Kranjska Gora provides a world of opportunities for body rejuvenation and strengthening. They include health-improving rest in nature and a wide range of professional wellness services, such as cosmetic procedures, epilation, manicure, and pedicure.

If you decide to relax in Kranjska Gora after 1 May, you will be pleasantly surprised by the festival of local culinary delights, which is the II International Culinary Festival taking place on 8–11 May.

* Kekec is the main character of the popular Slovenian film “Srečno Kekec” (1951), whose stage image is used by organisers of festivities (translator’s note).