Large-scale Repair of Streets Is Progressing in Ljubljana

The large-scale street repair works are carried out in Ljubljana. Thus, on Thursday, 30 August 2018, the well-developed Slovenska Cesta (road), Gosposvetska Cesta (road), Trdinova Street and Dalmatinova Street were opened for the passage of transport and pedestrians. The course and results of the works were personally inspected by the Mayor of the city Zoran Janković.

The works are carried out within the framework of a large-scale project for the improvement of the city centre and meet the principles of a sustainable mobility policy. The major repairs of the streets involved replacement of water supply network, rainwater drainage network, gas pipelines, hot water pipelines and public lighting. After completion of works, more space is allocated to pedestrians and cyclists. Two types of tree alleys were planted in the Gosposvetska Cesta and Dalmatinova Street: European hop-hornbeams and whitebeam trees.

All important locations (intersections, crossings, bus stops) were equipped with tactile markings for the blind. Eighty stations for cyclists will also be set up along the Gosposvetska Cesta. Works continue in the Karlovška Cesta (road) and Miklošičeva Street. The enhancement of Grablovičeva Street is being completed.

The total work budget made 5 million euros. In the future, parking is to be provided in the Stanežiče micro district. Within the framework of the European project “Čisto Zate,” 261 streets of the country’s cities will be renovated in the next 3 years.