18-year-old Slovenian Girl Conquers the Highest and the Lowest Points of the Country in One Day

18-year-old Mojca Haberman conquered Slovenia’s highest and lowest points in one day on 9 September 2018. At first, the girl climbed to the top of Triglav, then descended to the valley, reached the Adriatic coast and, using a mini-bathyscaphe, descended under the water to a depth of 38 metres, visiting the lowest point of the Slovenian Sea. This point is located at the Cape Madona in Piran and is called the Underwater Triglav.

Mojca Haberman comes from the municipality of Vuzenica. During her trip to Triglav, she was accompanied by a trainer, a guide and friends.

The authors of the 3glav project, who provided the record holder with information support, figuratively described her achievement as “Two Breaths. Two Triglavs. In One Day.”

Source: dnevnik.si