The Legendary Slovenian Skier Tina Maze Ends her Sports Career

At a press conference in Sölden, the most successful Slovenian skier Tina Maze informed about the imminent end of her sports career and shared plans for the future. The athlete stated that her performance at the Pohorska skiing run “Zlata lisica” (on 7–8 January 2017) would be the last in her career.

Maze missed the entire season of 2015/16, which she described as a time of rest and reflection. “After many years spent in alpine skiing, I can say that I am pleased with the achieved results. I no longer see the need to participate in such a high-level competition,” Tina Maze said at a press conference in the Bergland Hotel.

For Maze, the Austrian Sölden has always been a significant place. It was here, at the local Rettenbach skiing run of the season 2002–2003, when she won her first victory in the giant slalom, which later became the most successful discipline for her.

The sportswoman thanked everyone who was close to her in the moments of success and failure in her career. Including Andree Massija, about whom she said, “His criticism can hurt painfully, but when he hugs me, I feel myself at home.” Massija, the Maze’s fitness trainer in the past and later the Team to aMaze manager, said “two minutes are surely not enough for Tina and me to summarize all fourteen years of our joint work.” At the end of his speech, Massija gave the flag of Slovenia from the President Borut Pahor to Tina Maze, who was deeply moved.

Tina Maze is a two-time Olympic champion and a four-time world champion

Tina Maze is one of the best female skiers in the world history. The Slovenia’s first-ever Winter Olympic Games champion and the only two-time Olympic champion in the history of Slovenia. Her career began in 1999, when Maze was only 15 years old. She has 26 World Cup victories, a points record (2,414) achieved for the only season of the World Cup among both men and women. Maze won two Olympic “golds” and two “silvers” as well as four gold and five silver medals at the World Championships.

Tina Maze will work on Eurosport

After finishing her career, Maze will work as a sports expert on Eurosport together with the three-time Olympic biathlon champion, a German Michael Greis, and the legendary Polish jumper Adam Malysz.

In addition, the athlete has many other ambitious plans. She wants to make a documentary about her Team to aMaze. “Each end is the beginning of a new path,” the champion added.