The Leon Stukelj Foundation Scholarship for the Students of the University of Maribor in Slovenia

The “Rotary Klub Maribor” and a known Rotarian and a three-time Olympic champion Leon Štukelj founded the Leon Štukelj Scholarship Foundation (Fundacija Leona Štuklja) in February 1999. The establishment of the Foundation was held in the course of the events organized in honour of the 100th anniversary of the famous Yugoslav gymnast. Then the Union of the Slovenia’s Rotary Clubs “Distrikt 1912” joined the Foundation. Thus, the Leon Štukelj Foundation became a national-level institution.

According to the Regulations on obtaining funds and providing scholarships and financial aids, the Leon Štukelj Foundation (Fundacija Leona Štuklja) allocates 10-month scholarships with a possibility of extension for the amount of 150 euros per month.

Conditions for Obtaining Scholarships

  1. Pupils and students must have a high performance and at the same time be actively engaged in sports, cultural and humanitarian activities.
  1. An additional criterion is the social status of the applicant’s family.

Preference is given to the students of gymnasiums and colleges as well as to the undergraduate students.

Deadline for written applications: 02.11.2016–20.11.2016.

Details can be found in the Annex (pdf, 143 KB).