Libraries in Slovenia Hold Unique Campaigns to Popularize Reading on Holidays

Seventeen libraries in Slovenia are holding local actions called “Poletavci – poletni bralci” (for children from 7 to 12 years old) and “NajPoletavci” (for children from 13 to 16 years old). The purpose of the actions is to encourage schoolchildren to read books on holidays.

The campaigns have been held for the ninth year in a row. The initiator is the City Library of Ljubljana. Pupils from Slovene-language schools in Italy and schoolchildren in Berlin, Tuzla, Banja Luka, and Teslić, who study Slovenian language optionally, also participate in the actions.

Participants of the NajPoletavci action read three optional books within 30 days for at least half an hour a day. Books can be printed or electronic – it does not matter. Participants of the action leave their data and feedback on the books they read on the website

According to the terms of the “Poletavci – poletni bralci” action, you can also read newspapers, magazines, comics, guidebooks, encyclopaedias, and even recipes instead of usual books. The most important is to read. The number of pages read by participants is recorded in the application form, which will be sent to the organizers upon completion of the action.

The actions will end on 28 August 2019. Participants will be awarded diplomas and brand T-shirts. In addition, the most active participant of the “Poletavci – poletni bralci” action will receive the main award – an electric scooter from Hervis. The winner of the NajPoletavci action will receive a tablet. The awarding ceremony will be held in Ljubljana on 20 September 2019.