Ljubljana Cable Car Hits its Records

The Ljubljana Castle, to which the cable car leads, remains one of the most popular attractions among the guests of Ljubljana. During the last weekend, it was visited by 33,552 people. This is an average of 8,400 people per day.

In 2017, the cable car transported about a third more passengers to the castle than in the same period last year. As of 15 August, the total passenger traffic reached 305,748 people. On this day, a record number of passengers used the cable car – 3,324 people.

The cable car can transport up to 300 passengers within one hour. The schedule of trips provides for a departure in every 10 minutes. Since December 2006, when the cable car was launched, it has already transported almost 3.2 million passengers.

Tourism in Ljubljana is in its heyday this summer. In 2017, 770 thousand tourists have stayed in the city overnight, which is about 11% more than in the same period last year. The Italians, Germans and Britons predominate among the tourists who most readily come to Ljubljana. Many visitors come from South Korea.

Sources: delo.si, rtvslo.si