Ljubljana Hosts the Exhibition & Tasting of Champagne Wines

On 16 February, from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the Ljubljana Union Hotel hosts the Salon of Champagne Wines. During the fifth jubilee exhibition and tasting event with a record number of participants, 44 winemakers will present more than 120 brands of sparkling wines. Slovenian manufacturers will be represented by Bjana, Jakončič, Istenič, Slavček, Klet Brda, Radgonske gorice, Sanabor, Erzetič, Čarga 1767, etc. The participants from neighbouring countries will also present their champagne wines in the Grand Hall of the Union Hotel.

As part of the Salon, you can try the best Slovenian and Croatian wines, such as Bagueri brut bottled in 2010 (Klet Brda), Penina pinela bottled in 2015 (Posestvo Štokelj), Seven Number klasika (Puklavec FW), Zlata radgonska penina Ciconia bottled in 2007 (Radgonske gorice), Donna Regina brut Rose bottled in 2013 (Čarga 1767), Brut rose (Bjana), Bagueri rose bottled in 2011 (Klet Brda), Zlata radgonska penina rose bottled in 2012 (Radgonske gorice).

Entrance fee: 20 EUR (including tasting of all represented wines). A culinary offer is available for an additional fee.

The purpose of the event is to improve the culture of wine drinking. Four tastings with the participation of experienced sommeliers will be organised for the event participants. The well-known winemakers Miran Sirk (Bjana wine cellar, Gorishka Brda) and Miha Istenič (Istenič wine cellar, Biselsko) will open the exhibition and tasting event. Zagreb Salon of Champagne Wines acts as a partner of the Salon of Champagne Wines event.

Source: rtvslo.si