Ljubljana Jazz Festival Receives a Prestigious International Award

The Ljubljana Jazz Festival received the prestigious international award Europe Jazz Network. The European Union of Producers, Organizers and Sponsors, supporting the development of improvised music and modern jazz, includes about 120 festivals, clubs, concert halls, independent critics and government organizations from 30 countries.

The seventh in a row award for the “Bold Programme” was awarded at the Cankar Culture Centre. In 2018, the 59th Ljubljana Jazz Festival will be held from 27 to 30 June. For the first time, this festival was held in 1960.

Creative directors of the festival are Bogdan Benigar and Pedro Costa. Edin Zubčević, the long-term director of Jazz Festival in Sarajevo, will also participate in the preparation of the programme for the 59th Festival in Ljubljana.

The winner is selected in two stages—through an open competition and by the jury decision. This year, the jury included Cristina Estrada (Spain), Susanna von Canon (Holland), Sunna Gunnlaugs (Iceland), Oliver Belopeta (Macedonia) and Juhamatti Kauppinen (Finland).

Source: delo.si