Looking for Business Opportunities in Slovenia?

From 12 to 17 September.

An international business and trade fair event devoted to industrial goods, consumer goods and business projects will be held in Celje until 17 September.

The 50th MOS Fair takes place in five key areas: Construction and Home Renovation; Camping and Caravanning, Tourism and Food; Craft and Industry Equipment and Materials; Business Services and Business Opportunities Abroad; and General Consumption Products.

Concentrating all business offers in one place allowed the organizers to demonstrate a full range of goods and services of the Fair’s core content area—Construction and Home Renovation.

Within the framework of the 50th MOS jubilee fair, the organizers continue the MOSove svetovalnice project, which received positive reviews. Visitors can get advice on the efficient use of energy and renewable sources, advice in the field of construction and home interior decoration to improve the quality of living. The guests can test motorhomes and trailers as well.

Source: delo.si