Low-energy Frame House Building Companies Successfully Complete the Year 2016

Building companies in Slovenia that specialize in construction of low-energy frame houses successfully completed the year 2016. The major part of their products is exported. Forecasts for this year are also very favourable. It is planned to further increase revenue, expand staff, introduce technological innovations, and modernize production.

The Marles Hiše Company built more than 1,000 low-energy frame houses. Meanwhile, more than 200 of them were built in 2016. “The energy-efficient construction is experiencing a period of rise. The Marles Company has been building only those facilities that meet the European quality standards for quite a long period of time. The level of energy efficiency among the facilities built in Slovenia is comparable to that of the Western European countries and even surpasses it,” the director of the Marles Hiše Company Bogdan Božac explains.

The Major Part of Products is Exported

More than 70% of products constructed by Marles Hiše is exported. This is the export growth that is the most significant indicator of the Company operation over the past few years. Its main export markets are in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. In these countries, Marles Hiše enjoys the reputation of a reliable supplier of high quality products.

The ever-increasing exports makes the major part of turnover in Riko Hiše. The majority of frame houses constructed by this Company are sold in the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other EU countries. The Jelovica Company also exports 75% of all its products, which are the frame houses. Its major export markets are in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Successful Business and Expansion of Staff

In 2016, Marles Hiše increased revenues and expanded its staff. The Company recruited 140 people and received more than 18 million euros of revenue (+20% as compared to 2015). Total revenue of the Marles Group exceeded 25 million euros, which means a 20-percent increase in the annual average term. The profit grew as well. According to preliminary data, it amounted to 200–300 thousand euros.

Source: delo.si