Luka Koper Is Leading in the Number of Container Transportations in the Adriatic Region

The Luka Koper Port remains the leader in the number of container transportations in the Adriatic region being ahead of Venice and Trieste. Last year, almost 845,000 containers were transported through the Luka Koper Port (606,000—through Venice, 486,000—through Trieste, and 214,000—through Rijeka). In February 2017, the cargo turnover at the Koper’s port reached a record figure of 2.2 million tonnes.

Two documents on the activities of the Luka Koper Port for the period of 2010–2016 and on the work of similar foreign ports were published on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange website. These documents prove that Luka Koper is surely among the three Mediterranean largest container terminals for car transportation.

The second report provides a comparison of the Koper Port results with the data on other operators, in particular, with the Croatian ports of Ploče and Rijeka, the Piraeus Port in Greece, and the container terminals in Trieste and Valencia.

According to official documents, the Luka Koper Port in 2015 (according to the latest available data from other key players in the sector) had the highest operating margin (before deducting the depreciation of fixed assets and amortization of intangible assets), which amounted to 37.6%, and the third highest return on equity—10.5%.