Maribor Continues Repair and Improvement of Streets

In Maribor, works on repair and improvement of city streets are in full swing. Thus, at present Nigrad is repairing Lackova cesta (street) at the section from Pohorska Street in the Radvanje microdistrict to Bezjakova Street in the Pekra microdistrict with an area of 770 metres.

The repair and construction work involves the enhancement of a road intersection, the elimination of damages and the replacement of road surfacing, the construction of two new bus stops and repair of the current one, the installation of storm-water mains and the installation of street lighting. As noted in the municipality of the city, the works carried out, inter alia, will improve traffic safety and capacity of Lackova cesta (street), reduce noise load, and reduce emissions of gases and solids.

It is important that traffic in Lackova cesta (street) will not be blocked during the time of its repair. Traffic alternates unilaterally.

The work budget makes over 1 million euros. The main part of the funds was allocated within the framework of the tender held by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, and the rest was taken as a loan. The works will last until the end of November 2018.