Maribor University FGPA Faculty: Architecture Master’s Degree Programme

The University of Maribor is one of the leading universities in Central Europe. Its Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture (FGPA), which attracts entrants from different countries, has recently become widely popular abroad. The Architecture programme is very popular among young people. Future architects are trained in accordance with the Bologna Declaration under the 3+2 system. Graduated bachelors have an opportunity to continue their studies in a Master’s degree programme.

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Features of the Architecture Master’s Degree Programme

You can apply for receiving a Master’s degree at the FGPA Faculty after completing the Architecture Bachelor’s degree programme in any university. The programme materials are instructed in English. The level of language proficiency should be at least B2.

The Architecture Master’s degree programme is designed for two years. During the 1st and 2nd semesters, first-year students study 5 compulsory subjects in each. During the 2nd year of studies, students can choose the Sustainable Construction or Sustainable City module. In both cases, 3 compulsory subjects are studied in the 3rd semester. Second year students study the rest of subjects optionally. In total, 14 subjects are offered for optional studies. Each student has an opportunity to compile an individual study plan in accordance with his or her interests and aptitudes. For specialized training, it is possible to choose the Architecture of Public Buildings, Urban Planning, Territorial Planning, Environmental Protection and some other fields.

The final semester of studies provides for the passage of industrial R&D internship and the preparation of a Master’s degree thesis — the final project. The FGPA Faculty cooperates with the architectural offices and construction companies of Maribor, in which students practice and collect materials for writing a dissertation. After the defense of final qualifying paper, students receive a Master’s degree diploma in Architecture of the European standard.

Advantages of Studying under the Architecture Programme

The University of Maribor attracts young people from different countries with an affordable tuition fee. The Architecture Master’s degree programme for the 2018–2019 academic year costs only 1,750 EUR per year. For comparison, training under a similar programme at universities of neighbouring Italy and Croatia costs from 2,600 to 3,300 EUR per year. The Architecture study programme attracts with a combination of affordable tuition fee and high quality of education. The FGPA Faculty has the Department for Architecture and Spatial Planning with a total of 14 teachers, including 4 doctors of sciences and 3 professors. Among the Architecture study programme teachers, there are practicing specialists who maintain professional relations with the leading architectural schools in Europe.

The high international prestige of the University of Maribor makes it possible to engage teachers from the leading European universities in the academic process. Therefore, at present, 20 Europe-renowned foreign specialists cooperate with the FGPA Faculty on a permanent basis. Such cooperation positively affects the quality of students training providing them with additional opportunities to improve their professional level.

A modern educational and material base contributes to comfortable and fruitful studies. The FGPA Faculty occupies one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Maribor. In 2016, its extensive reconstruction was carried out. The auditoriums, classrooms for practical classes, laboratories, computer classroom, training workshop, and the exhibition hall that belongs to the faculty were renovated.

Students of the FGPA Faculty can go abroad to study under the Erasmus+ international exchange programme. The University of Maribor has bilateral agreements with many universities, so the choice of countries for training is very wide. The duration of studies under an exchange programme is from 3 to 12 months.

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia with a population of about 95 thousand inhabitants. Maribor is attractive for foreigners with its comfort and safety of residence. Foreign students of the University of Maribor, the same as of other Slovenian universities, receive a residence permit with an opportunity to be employed. A student agency usually assists students in receiving jobs. Student life is full of various cultural, entertainment and sports activities. In addition, students of the University of Maribor are actively traveling on weekends. Most often they travel to Austria. Maribor is located only 16 km from the Slovenian-Austrian border.

Career Opportunities for a Master in Architecture

Graduates of the Architecture Master’s degree programme of the University of Maribor possess knowledge and competences that meet the modern requirements of the international labour market. Foreign young professionals can find prestigious and well-paid work in Slovenia, another European country or at home. Most often, they start working for architectural bureaus, design companies, state and municipal authorities.

After completing his or her studies under the Architecture programme, a graduate specialist can work as an architect of buildings and structures, an urban architect, a landscape architect, a leading designer, or an interior designer. Graduates of the programme, being prone to pedagogical activity, are employed in vocational education institutions. It should be noted that the Architecture PhD degree programme is currently under development at the FGPA faculty. After its introduction, the best graduates of the Master’s degree programme will be able to continue their PhD studies.

Students choose themselves what and how to study. Anyway, being trained under the Architecture study programme, students will never regret the time spent. By the way, the university admission campaign for this programme has not yet been completed. You can still become a student of the FGPA Faculty at the University of Maribor this year – it only takes your desire!

Alexander Lysov

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