Marija Šestak Completed Her Sports Career

Ljubljana. One of the best Slovenian athletes Marija Šestak officially completed her career at the age of 37 years.

Marija Šestak completed her career as a Slovenian record holder in the triple jumping. She overmastered her record result at the Summer Olympics in Beijing 2008 (15.3 meters), where she took the sixth place. The bronze won in the open World Championship in 2008 in Valencia and the silver won in the open Championship of the Old World in Torino in 2009 are among her greatest achievements.

Marija Šestak had her last competition in the National Championship in Celje in August 2014, and before that competed in September 2012, when she had taken the third place in the Emerald League Tournament in Brussels and had taken the fourth place in the overall standings. She was seriously injured before participating in the training camp in South Africa in December 2012 and had a surgery in January 2013. She became mom for the first time in autumn the same year.

As Marija Šestak stated herself — “I’ve had enough. Ever since December, I have not had any trainings. I am pregnant and will give birth to my second son in September. I have been thinking for a few months beforehand, whether I could still perform, because I wanted to take part in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. However, I realized that I could not properly prepare for Rio. The body tells me that this is enough. Besides, I did not have a serious motivation. Looking back on my way into the sport, I can name a number of results, which I will always remember. The first jump in more than 15 metres, all the medals that I won in my youth and later, and, of course, my greatest jump at the summer Olympic Games in Beijing.”