Meeting of Honorary Professors of the University of Maribor

On Wednesday, 12 December 2018, a meeting of 20 honorary professors of the University of Maribor was held at the university administration office. The initiative to organise the event belonged to the honorary professors themselves, who wanted to open their own department, at which they could continue to conduct teaching and research work taking into account their capabilities and the interests of the university.

The initiative was presented by an honorary professor Dr. Jože Gričar, who referred to the documents of the EU, the Association of European Universities and other organisations supporting the participation of professors in the university activities even after their retirement. All those present supported the idea of opening the department of honoured professors. Pro-rectors, Prof. Dr. Lučka Lorber and Prof. Dr. Janja Hojnik, as well as the Rector of the University of Maribor, Prof. Dr. Zdravko Kačič, addressed the participants. They supported the initiative of the professors and promised them a multifaceted assistance in launching the department.

Following the event, it was decided to hold a new meeting in January 2019 and continue the procedure for opening the department or other possible structural unit within the framework of the current legislation. A separate office will be provided to the honorary professors in the rector’s office of the University of Maribor.