Mina Markovič Is the Vice-champion of Europe in Sport Climbing

Mina Markovič won the European Championship in Sport Climbing for the seventh time (lead climbing).

The Slovenian professional rock-climbers already have 17 medals of European championships. The last of them belongs to Mina Markovič. She could not defend the champion title won in 2015 in Chamonix (France), but her silver medal matters a good deal.

The 29-year-old native of Ptuj was the most experienced finalist of the completed European Championship in Sport Climbing. In the finals, she was kept ahead only by a talented 21-year-old Belgian athlete Anak Verhoeven, who climbed 15 hooks higher. Despite the fact that Mina Markovič could not defend the title, she wins medals at the fifth European Championship in a row. This is the seventh medal in her career and the fourth in lead climbing.

The last year’s winner of the World Cup in lead climbing Janja Garnbret had an excellent start in Italy in speed climbing and won the qualifying round. She was the only athlete, who managed to overcome all hooks to the top, and in the semifinals yielded the championship only to Anak Verhoeven. In the finals, she again had real chances for the continental championship medal. The year before last in Chamonix, she became the second losing to her compatriot Mina Markovič. This time she made an unforced mistake and finished fourth.

At the last championship, a new experimental rule was tested—the allowed climbing time in the semifinals and finals was reduced from 8 to 6 minutes. The main “victim” of the innovation was the leading Slovenian climber and last year’s World Cup winner Domen Škofic. In the final round, he was above other athletes, but at the same time he exceeded the established time limit, therefore only 45 hooks were scored. Thus, instead of winning, he had to settle for the fifth place.

Source: delo.si