Ministers of Agriculture of Slovenia and Ukraine Discuss Cooperation

On Monday, 11 March, Slovenian Minister of Agriculture Aleksandra Pivec and Acting Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine Olga Trofimtseva met in Ljubljana. During the meeting, the parties discussed cooperation between the countries, including the recent takeover of the poultry meat producer Perutnina Ptuj by the Ukrainian company MPKh, which is planned to be set as an example of successful cooperation between the two countries.

According to Pivec, the talks were focused on opportunities for improving trade, in particular, agriculture and the agri-food sector. Much attention was also paid to the promotion of organic agriculture.

According to Pivec, specific areas of cooperation will be set out in a memorandum that can be drawn up at the Agra 2019 Exhibition in Kiev, to which she is invited by Trofimtseva. Pivec also announced the work of the Slovenia-Ukraine economic commission, which will be engaged in agriculture and the agri-industrial sector. In turn, Olga Trofimtseva noted the mutual desire to diversify trade between the two countries. According to her, the priorities of cooperation between Ukraine and Slovenia are clear. Ukraine still needs support on the way to the EU, including amendments to legislation relating to food safety, food quality, agriculture, organic farming, etc.