The Ministry of Agriculture Launched a Campaign to Promote Slovenian Products “Naša Super Hrana” (Our Super Food)

The Ministry of Agriculture of Slovenia launched a campaign to promote Slovenian foodstuffs. According to the Head of the Department, Dejan Židan, it is a historic moment. “Ten years ago we could not find common language even within the segment, but now we have agreed immediately upon a number of sectors,” Židan said on the day of the campaign start in Ljubljana.

The agreement on the cooperation in production of foodstuffs was designed to meet the interests of all the industry participants.

The three-year campaign “Naša Super Hrana” will promote the locally grown food, and the influential players of the meat and dairy industries will invest about 1.5 million euros therein over the next three years. The Government will allocate a similar amount. The campaign results will be analysed each year, and the interim results will be summed up during the year.

The campaign is aimed at the promotion of agriculture and livestock breeding, milk and dairy products as well as meat and meat derived products. The products shall be marked with a special sign of quality, which says that they were made in Slovenia and guarantees the high quality and production control.

The campaign involves meat and dairy products. Next year the list will be extended with fruit, and in 2018 with vegetables. In the short term, the campaign will be enlarged with the products of viticulture and agriculture industries, honey and olives.