The Ministry of Education Noted the Success of Slovenian Youth in International Contests

On 19 December, the Minister of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia Maja Makovec Brenčič met with schoolchildren and students, who last year had successfully performed at international educational contests, as well as with their teachers.

The Minister congratulated the pupils and students with excellent results. Brenčič separately thanked the teachers and organizers of contests for their excellent work and for the efforts to provide Slovenian youth with a possibility of competing on equal terms with their peers from around the world.

At the Cybathlon, the world championship among persons with muscle-skeleton disorders in Zurich, a team of students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was ranked third in the category of robotic wheelchairs. At the European Law Contest in Luxembourg, the students from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana were second to none. The Academy of Fine Arts students performed successfully at the Industrial Design Contest in Hanover, at the International Glass Exhibition in Denmark, and at the international contest in the category of scientific illustrations. A student of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology won the silver medal at the International Chemistry Contest. A student of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Technology won first place in the Painter by Numbers Contest. Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences won the regional Challenging Extremism Contest (Hamburg) with their project “Think Again—Premisli”. They developed an algorithm for assessing the level of fear in the mass media texts. Students from several faculties of the University of Ljubljana joined their forces to participate in the contest of student projects on synthetic biology IgEM 2016. Their project “Sonicell Their” won the first prize in the nominated category of fundamental progress.

The University of Maribor can also be proud of its students. Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering have been involved in the international project “Formula Študent” for several years. The purpose of the team is to each year re-construct a racing car for participating in sports competitions. Student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Informatics and Computer Science won first place in the women’s standings in the contest of student research papers in the framework of the 25th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Science ERK 2016. A team of students from the Faculty of Law, the University of Maribor, won the title of Best University Delegation at the international competition MUNLawS.

Students from the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology showed excellent results at the International Contest in Mathematics for University Students and at the International Space Apps Challenge 2016.

Great success was achieved by the Slovenian youth at the competition of professional technical specialties Euroskills in Sweden. Ten Slovenian contestants fought for victory in nine categories: arrangement, flower growing, computer science, stone-cutting art, cabinetry, carpentry, painting, cooking, and provision of services. In the category of stone-cutting art, a Slovenian contestant won the silver medal, and in the categories of computer science and carpentry, the contestants received medals for outstanding achievements.

Young people from different parts of Slovenia have also shown good results in other competitions: contests in mathematics, physics, geography, international competition in natural sciences, at the contest of young scientists, at the competition of arts and sciences, at the international linguistic contest, at the international contest in informatics, at the international biology contest, at the international contest in chemistry, and at many other international tournaments.