Modern Street Lighting Should Also Be Based on Smart Technologies

Using the smart lighting for work and living spaces as well as for public places is aimed at reducing the power consumption.

It is an energy intensive and financially expensive task to light public places. Therefore, urban municipalities tend to rationalize the energy consumption. In particular, they use smart lighting (pametno krmiljenje razsvetljave) for their territories, thus reducing the costs and improving the quality of life in cities.

According to casual assessment, the EU annually consumes about 14% of all electric power for public lighting, which costs about two billion euros.

Energy consumption and the environmental pollution associated therewith are not the only problems of public street lighting. Besides, there is a factor of excessive light load on the environment. Of course, this is a hard challenge for a modern city. Therefore, cities around the world are already testing the intelligent (smart) lighting systems available for remote monitoring and control, which reduces the costs and improves the quality of life in cities.