Month of Slovenian Culture in the Centre of Slavic Cultures in Moscow

Our team has decided to dedicate this February exclusively to the culture of Slovenia. Right now, there is a unique opportunity of getting yourself familiar with the book exhibition “On the Slovenian Language”, which runs until 14 February. The exhibition presents grammars, dictionaries, scientific works on the history and development of the Slovenian language taken from the collections of the Library of Foreign Literature as well as the private collections.

The gems of the exhibition are the original editions of grammars by Jernej Bartol Kopitar (1808) and Fran Levstik (1866). You can see a copy of the first pages of the “Alphabet Book” or “Abecedarium” published by Primož Trubar in 1550.

At 4:00 p.m. on 6 February, we are waiting for the opening of the photo exhibition “Tangle of Roots” and the performance of its author Valery Maltsev called “Slovenia: Through the Eyes of Russian Journalists and Bloggers.” Upon the completion of official part, we will have tasty tea and interesting talks: our discussion club “Tea with the Slavs” has already become a good tradition 🙂

The detailed program on the Month of Slovenian Culture is available at