Municipalities Provide Seasonal Work for Schoolchildren and Students During Summer Holidays

During the vacation period, a number of Slovenian municipalities, such as Šentjur, Velenje, Šoštanj, Prebold, and Vojnik, provide schoolchildren and students with a short-term job opportunity. The term of employment is a maximum of two weeks (38–40 hours per week) for the minimum hourly rate (according to the current legislation – 4.13 EUR net, 4.89 EUR gross).

As part of the work, employed persons develop kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, clean the surrounding areas, help nursing homes, firefighters and hostel staff, and also provide assistance in the tourism sector and work for the municipality. The number of employees depends on the number of applications submitted to the municipality.

Data on the number of persons employed in different municipalities vary. Thus, if in the Šentjur municipality, only 20 schoolchildren and students are employed, then in Velenje (within the socially useful Čisto moje Velenje project) – 170 young persons are working. In Prebold, 25 people are employed for this summer vacation, 11 – in Vojnik, and 80 – in Šoštanj. It should be noted that in Velenje, the practice of seasonal employment for schoolchildren and students has been implemented for 17 years. The youth receive 5 EUR gross per hour.

In Šoštanj, they also practice grading based on seasonal employment. At the same time, for the whole period of this project, none of the employed has received a negative assessment.